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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Saw Blades

At Panel Tools, our team specialises in supplying a range of high-quality panel saw blades for low to high volume timber manufacturers. Our focus is on providing tooling that unlocks the potential of your equipment or CNC machine for cabinet making. To achieve that, we partner with world-class suppliers to offer our scribe blade and panel saw blades suitable for use in a wide range of timber processing applications. Our panel saw blades see wide use by cabinet makers, furniture makers, sign makers and solid timber joineries, as well as by factories that process engineered timber panels.

Panel Tools is here to help you make the most of your timber manufacturing equipment. Our scribe and panel saw blades feature innovative materials and cutting edge geometries that allow you to deliver unrivalled efficiency, consistency and quality. Select a panel saw blade from our range above, or contact us and speak to our team if you need help selecting 3 axis or 5 axis tooling for your application.

Our Scribe and Panel Saw Blade Combinations

The timber industry has been revolutionised by engineered boards such as MDF, chipboard and plywood. Not only are these products sustainable and accessible, they allow manufacturers to increase the consistency and efficiency of production lines. Processing engineered timber products is much simpler with the right burr tool, scribe and panel saw blade combination. High quality CNC machining tools such as panel saw blades create consistent results, improve feed rates, extend the life of your tooling and minimise the need for laborious hand finishing work.

Panel Tools offers a selection of panel saw blades that are suitable for your operation. Depending on your needs, we can specify panel saw blades to suit a range of cutting, sizing, mitering and detail trimming operations. To further improve the quality of your components, we also offer a selection of scribe saw blades and boring bits that minimise chipping and manage tearout while cutting. Together with our panel saw blades, our scribe saws can help you achieve your quality and efficiency goals. The combination of the two saws significantly reduces labour requirements by allowing cutting and finishing operations to be performed simultaneously.

Panel Saw Blades for Your Production Lines

Compatible with a range of panel saws and 3 and 5 axis CNC machines, our panel saw blades are ideal for manufacturers handling flat-panel stock such as MDF, HDF, chipboard, glulam and plywood. With tough carbide teeth, our general-purpose panel saw blades are suited to everything from bulk panel sizing, CNC cladding to fine detail trimming. We work with timber manufacturing clients across Australia, and our team is ready to specify CNC tools such as panel saw blades or bits for CNC router machines that allow you to achieve your production goals.

Panel Tools is at the forefront of designing panel saw blades that meet the needs of an evolving industry. Our panel saw blades feature tough tool steels and a higher grade of carbide teeth, allowing them to perform longer and stand up to multiple rounds of re-grinding. Together with our scribe saws, our panel saw blades provide a balanced and quiet cutting solution that delivers the precision and durability your production lines require. Whether you need panel saw blades for bulk cutting or finishing work, or other tools such as dowel bits, hinge boring bits or a CNC collet chuck, the Panel Tools team can supply world-class tooling for your operation.

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