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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Collet Chucks

The Panel Tools team carries a selection of high quality tooling that allows us to provide a precision CNC chuck for every application. Working with clients across Australia, we can supply a CNC chuck to suit both ISO and HSK spindle receivers. That means our tooling is suitable for most applications, and that we can provide a CNC chuck for all small and large-scale operations. Sourced from leading manufacturers across the world, our CNC chuck catalogue contains tooling designed to improve tool life, product quality and commercial efficiency.

Panel Tools has extensive experience matching CNC collet chucks to a variety of timber manufacturing processes. Produced from high quality materials to ensure precision machining, reduced runout and unrivalled stability, our CNC chuck catalogue contains tooling for every application. If your business relies on its machines to produce components to exacting tolerances, Panel Tools can provide a CNC chuck tool to suit. You can browse our range above, or get in touch with us if you’d like help selecting a CNC chuck for your business.

What is a CNC Collet Chuck?

A CNC chuck is a type of tool holder that is used to connect the machine spindle to tooling such as router bits, planers and mills. With many 3 and 5 axis CNC machines operating to tolerances in the thousandths, the tool holders you use can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your components. Understanding how CNC chucks affect production can make all the difference to component quality and the longevity of your tooling. To support a broad range of clients across Australia, Panel Tools can supply a CNC chuck to suit both ISO and HSK receivers, two of the most common standards in the timber CNC industry.

Depending on your machinery, materials and tooling, we can provide a hydro, shrink fit or spring collet CNC chuck to suit. Compatible with all shank sizes, a CNC chuck from Panel Tools is the best way to improve production and reduce tooling expenses. Paired with high quality ball bearing nuts, our CNC chucks also protect colletsfrom torsional loads. This further reduces runout and allows you to carry out precision machining on fine components.

Precision CNC Chuck, Arbour and Reduction Sleeves

Getting the most from your equipment means pairing your cutting tools with the right tool holders. Our chuck selection is ideal for a variety of uses, including in furniture and cabinet making, sign making, solid timber manufacturing and more. For any process that requires precision machining and high quality tooling, Panel Tools is proud to offer a CNC chuck to match.

As part of our commitment to driving the timber industry forwards, Panel Tools works hard to source CNC chucks that meet our strict quality standards. With a variety of options available, including hydraulic CNC chucks, we are able to service clients from across Australia. The best CNC chuck is one that is matched to your application, and we can help you choose the right tooling combinations for every production requirement.

To help you achieve unrivalled results, we recommend talking to the Panel Tools team about selecting a CNC chuck for your process.

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