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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Router Bits

Panel Tools supplies a wide range of CNC router bits for precision work and high volume commercial applications. Our CNC router bits are capable of handling everything from small-scale work and complex shaping processes to demanding production requirements. To support any processes you have in mind, Panel Tools has a range of CNC tool holders and CNC router bits. This includes a variety of upcut router bit, downcut router bit, profile router bit, hinge boring bit, compression router bit and straight router bits with cutters in 2, 3 and 4 flute designs.  From workshops producing bespoke furniture to large-scale manufacturers of flat panel products such as CNC cladding, Panel Tools can supply CNC router bits to support your operation.

At Panel Tools we are focused on providing solutions that allow timber manufacturers to take advantage of emerging technologies. Our CNC router bits are produced using robust materials with innovative coatings and cutting geometries to help maximise your equipment. Select from our range of CNC router bits above or get in touch with us if you have any questions about tooling for your production line.

Maximise Production with CNC Router Bits

CNC router bits are the staple CNC tools of modern timber production methods. Combined with the right CNC machinery, Panel Tools’ router bits are suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. Whether you are working with hardwood, aluminium, plastic, foams or other soft materials, we can specify a CNC router bit or CNC tool holders to match your requirements.

CNC router bits are one of the most flexible and versatile tools available. Many manufacturers keep a selection of common CNC router bits on hand, including:

  • Straight bits for everyday tasks such as sizing, rebating, profiling, bevelling and finishing
  • Radius profiling bits for shaping consistent internal and external rounds
  • Roughing bits for sizing workpieces, carving shapes and removing bulk material
  • Finishing CNC router bits for creating fine surfaces and reducing hand finishing work

The correct CNC router bit can unlock the potential of your equipment and help you achieve unrivalled production efficiencies. To make the most of your tooling, your CNC router bits need to be matched to your machines, the material you are working with and the process you are designing.

CNC Router Bits for Any Application

Panel Tools works with timber workshops, manufacturers and factories across Australia and New Zealand. Carrying a broad range of CNC router bits allows us to provide tooling that is suitable for almost any application. Some of the most common uses of our CNC router bits include cabinet making, furniture making, sign making and high volume production environments.

Panel Tools’ CNC router bits are suitable for soft and hardwood timber, as well as other materials like acrylic, aluminium and foam. That allows our tooling to be used for a variety of profiling, cutting, roughing and finishing tasks. Made with high quality tooling steels and solid carbide, our CNC router bits make use of specialty coatings. Our Xtreme Blue diamond-like coating makes light work of tough materials, extends tool life and improves heat dissipation. Ultimately, this means our CNC router bits provide greater efficiencies and improve the quality of finished components.

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