Composite materials unlock a world of possibilities for manufacturers making complex CNC products.

CNC Tools for Composite Manufacturing

If you can dream it, composites can help build it. Among the world’s toughest materials, composites and laminated products are strong, light and versatile. Their unique properties make them perfect for design and building projects where CNC machinery can deliver intricate results with less work. CNC equipment allows workshops to process finished pieces, create moulds and cut unfinished material with less waste and unparalleled precision.

Composite materials like carbon fibre are increasingly popular in industries all over the world. Their variety and versatility make them perfect for everything from one-off prototyping to beautiful design details in larger woodworking projects. Panel Tools offers custom CNC tools that are ideal for working with composite materials. Using a range of compatible materials and coatings, we can create 3 axis and 5 axis CNC tooling that is compatible with composite materials like carbon fibre, fiberglass and honeycomb panels.

Explore New Materials With Custom CNC Tooling Solutions

The Application

  • Drilling

  • Folding


Drilling is one of the most time consuming processes on the CNC and often it is the most overlooked when looking to improve efficiencies. We can offer high performance drills to increase plunge rates or multi-boring aggregates to increase your drilling capacity. Aside from standard drilling, we also have solutions for drilling at great depths, profiled drills for producing plugs and profiled drills which produce chamfers or rebates.

Find the Tools You Need

Panel Tools supplies a range of CNC tooling and custom solutions designed to push the limits of your equipment and drive the industry forward with innovative processes.


A common sight in the woodworking industry, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines have revolutionised timber manufacturing, and our CNC tooling delivers more processing versatility than ever before.


We supply tooling to suit the manufacturing processes of all woodworking industries, including cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers, furniture makers and more.


Unlocking the potential of your CNC processes means exploring new and varied materials. Our range of CNC tooling can be designed to work with everything from chipboard to composites and more.

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