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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Bits

Panel Tools works with world-class suppliers to offer a range of CNC bits to timber manufacturers across Australia. Ideal for creating joints, adding detail and improving the quality of finished products, our CNC boring bits and CNC wood cutting tools are used throughout the industry. Manufactured from innovative tool steels with solid carbide cutters, our CNC bit packages and CNC tool holders are ideal for use in both low and high volume environments. For furniture makers, joiners, sign makers, cabinet makers and more, our CNC boring bits can make light work of even the most intricate processes.

When consistency and reliability are at the top of your mind, Panel Tools can supply high quality CNC tools such as our boring bit that increase your efficiency and reduces the need for hand finishing. For more complex solutions, we can also specify a boring bit package that contains a variety of tools such as an upcut router bitdowncut router bit, hinge boring bit and dowel bits for performing any processes you have in mind. Browse our range of CNC boring bits above, or get in touch with our team. We’re always happy to help select the boring bits your business needs.

What is a Boring Bit?

While twist drills are among the most common CNC tools, their use is limited for boring processes. Because twist drills are designed to create through-holes, their cutting geometry limits performance when boring deep pockets or blind holes. CNC boring bits are designed specifically to handle these more complicated processes. Featuring a unique W-tip cutting head and more efficient chip disposal, a boring bit is the ideal tool for creating deep holes or blind bores in a workpiece.

The key benefit of boring bits is the quality of finish they provide. Specialised cutting geometries ensures boring bits minimise the damage to the top and bottom of a workpiece while leaving behind a perfectly smooth bore. This reduces the need for hand finishing and allows boring bits to handle processes that would be challenging for twist drills. One of the most common uses of boring bits is creating holes for dowels. With dowel joints being popular in the cabinet and furniture making industry, the ability to create precise dowel holes can dramatically improve the quality of your final products.

CNC Boring Bit Packages

Panel Tools offers a selection of CNC boring bits to suit most applications. From sign making and cabinet making to bespoke furniture, we can tailor a boring bit package for your business. Our catalogue of off-the-shelf tools includes boring bits in common dowel and hinge sizes. Compatible with widely-used dowel diameters and hinge kits, our CNC boring bits are perfect for creating joints and precision components in a CNC machine for cabinet making.

We ensure our CNC boring bit selection works harder for your business by developing tailored tooling packages. A Panel Tools package includes the boring bits and CNC tools you need to achieve even the most complex processes. For specific applications, our team is also capable of supplying custom-designed boring bits. Working together with your business, we can design CNC boring bits and hinge bits that allow you to unlock the true power of your equipment. Simply tell us about your processes, machines and the materials you are working with, and we can deliver tooling packages with custom boring bits that meet your exact specifications.

Boring Bits for Every Application

Panel Tools supplies a variety of dowel and hinge boring bits in both left-handed and right-handed flute configurations. Made from high-quality tool steels, our boring bits feature W-Point tips with outlining spurs that are designed to shear the wood grain as they cut, leaving behind a clean bore and reduce the need for finish sanding. Our dowel and hinge boring bits are designed to cut straight, smooth holes with a square bottom that is perfect for use with dowelling and hinge assemblies. By prioritising the quality of cuts, Panel Tools’ boring bits improve product finishes and accuracy, delivering even greater value for your customers.

Our range of CNC boring bits have found their way into timber manufacturing processes across Australia. To ensure you get the most possible value from our tooling, we design innovative boring bits that make it simple to work with materials such as solid wood, MDF, chipboard, plywood, acrylic and more. No matter the application, Panel Tools can specify a CNC boring bit to suit your business. For help selecting boring bits, contact us today. We can discuss your processes and production needs to develop a CNC boring bit package that is uniquely suited to your business.

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