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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Tool Holders

Panel Tools provides expert advice and access to quality CNC tool holder solutions for clients across Australia. The right CNC tool holder can unlock the true potential of your machinery, driving greater production efficiencies throughout your business. Using high quality CNC tool holders can revolutionise the way your equipment functions, increasing accuracy, extending tool life and offering significant improvements to production. By partnering with leading manufacturers from across the world, Panel Tools is able to provide a selection of 3 axis and 5 axis tooling solutions for some of the timber industry’s most versatile CNC machines.

Our range of CNC tool holders includes a variety of CNC collect chuck, router collets, spanners, torque wrenches and setting stands. This combination of tooling forms a critical part of every CNC machinist’s collection. The correct CNC tool holder can make all the difference to your finished products, so it’s worth investing in quality tooling that matches your production requirements. You can browse our CNC tool holder range above, or talk to the Panel Tools team today. We are always happy to help select the correct CNC tool holder for your CNC machine for cabinet making or production processes.

What Are Tool Holders for CNC Machines?

Tool holders for CNC machines are a category of CNC tooling that connects individual tools to the spindle of your machinery. CNC tool holders come in a variety of formats, including classic chucks, collets, hydraulic chucks and more. Depending on your machinery, cutting tools and the materials you are working with, your CNC tool holder can have a drastic impact on the quality of production. The correct CNC tool holder will offer benefits like increased rigidity, reduced runout and shortened tool changeover times. Combined, these efficiencies can dramatically improve your production and boost the competitiveness of your operation.

Panel Tools supplies CNC tools and tool holders that are suitable for most small and large-scale operations. We work with solid timber manufacturers, sign makers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and more, providing tool holders for CNC machines throughout the timber industry. To ensure your CNC tool holders provide the best results possible, it’s important to match tooling to the application you have in mind. For help choosing a CNC tool holder, talk to the Panel Tools team. We can assess your production requirements and specify collets, chucks and the correct CNC tool holder for your operation.

Contact Panel Tools for CNC Tool Holder Packages

A purpose-designed CNC tool holder package is critical to unlocking the true potential of your machinery. Panel Tools is committed to moving the timber industry into the future with high quality tooling that delivers real production innovation. To deliver on that commitment, we source our CNC tool holder catalogue from world-class manufacturers who share our vision for the industry. The support of our industry partners means we are able to stay at the forefront of CNC tool holder design and provide solutions for every timber manufacturer across Australia.

In addition to our tool holders for CNC machines, Panel Tools also offers a selection of accessories to maximise your tooling such as a scribe blade, CNC saw blade or compression router bit. Our CNC tool holder catalogue includes parts such as nut spanners, setting stands, ball bearing nuts, replacement pull studs and torque wrenches. These precision tools allow our clients to maintain high standards for tool setting. This not only improves runout and rigidity, it allows you to extend the life of CNC wood cutting tools and deliver components that are finished to exacting standards.

If you are updating an old process or developing a new production line, talk to Panel Tools about selecting a CNC tool holder package that matches your application.

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