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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Improve Your Processes with High Quality Burr Tools

Burr tools are some of the most common CNC tools in use. Suitable for a huge range of carving, finishing and chamfering processes, carbide burr tools are widely used throughout the timber manufacturing industry. 

High quality burr tools are a core part of every CNC process. Compatible with timber, plastics, brass, aluminium and more, our tooling is ideal for applications such as:

  • Deburring
  • Stock removal
  • Contouring and carving
  • Edge chamfering
  • Edge finishing
  • Milling and surface finishing

To ensure our CNC tools perform in high-speed applications, we offer tooling with specialty diamond-like coatings. DLC finishes improve chip management and heat resistance. This prolongs tools life, increases operating speeds and improves the quality of every cut. Together with solid tungsten carbide construction, our burr tools offer incredible performance, allowing you to push your machinery harder than ever before.


Design a Custom Burr Tool with Panel Tools

Panel Tools works with timber manufacturers across Australia to deliver CNC tools that drive the industry forwards. We focus on supplying high quality CNC tooling that features tough materials, innovative geometries and high-performance coatings. These features make our tooling some of the best options on the market, and it allows us to execute any manufacturing process you have in mind.

To ensure we are meeting the evolving needs of the timber industry, we support our clients with a custom tooling service. In addition to our off-the-shelf burr tools, Panel Tools will work with your team to develop custom tooling for any application. If you are updating your equipment, designing a process or need a specific tool for a new product, our custom CNC burr tools can deliver the results you need.

We design custom tooling that performs in every situation. From simple door and window profiles to complex carving applications, a custom burr tool can provide the cutting performance your line needs. You can browse our CNC burr tools online at any time, or contact us to discuss designing custom tooling for your next project.

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