Future focused CNC tooling for use in solid timber, manufactured board, plastic, composite and soft metal production.

Tooling Built for the Job

Panel Tools supplies high-performance CNC milling, routing and cutting tools designed to stand up to a range of manufacturing applications. Timber remains the most common material for joinery work, but other materials are fast gaining popularity for their diverse properties and design aesthetic. Our tooling is suitable for use with soft and hardwood timber, boards such as MDF and chipboard, as well as other popular materials like plastics, composites and soft metal sheeting.

Whatever materials you’re working with, we can supply or develop suitable tooling that delivers the performance your business needs. With the correct tools, timber workshops can use their CNC machines to cut, shape and profile almost any soft material. Made with tough carbide tips and featuring diamond like coatings, our tools allow workshops to achieve higher levels of detail, longer tool life, optimise processes and stand up to the demands of high volume production.

We Design CNC Tools For Timber & Other Soft Materials

Find the Tools You Need

Panel Tools supplies a range of CNC tooling and custom solutions designed to push the limits of your equipment and drive the industry forward with innovative processes. Whether it's a 3 axis cnc, a 5 axis cnc or anything else, we have you covered.


A common sight in the woodworking industry, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines have revolutionised timber manufacturing, and our CNC tooling delivers more processing versatility than ever before.


We supply tooling to suit the manufacturing processes of all woodworking industries, including cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers, furniture makers and more.


Unlocking the potential of your CNC processes means exploring new and varied materials. Our range of CNC tooling can be designed to work with everything from chipboard to composites and more.