Versatile, tough and functional, plastics like acrylic and Corian are easy to process with the right CNC tools.

CNC Tooling for Plastics

A specialty material with thousands of uses, plastics like acrylic, foam, compact laminate and Corian are a building and design staple. While plastics were traditionally shaped using heat and moulding, modern CNC machines can transform plastic sheet, slabs and bar stock into functional products and beautiful design features.

Resistant to weather, water and spills, it’s now common to find plastics being put to use by cabinet makers, shopfitters and sign makers. With the help of a 3 axis CNC machine, plastic can be cut, milled and shaped for use as benchtops, wall panelling, furniture and bespoke design elements. Achieving quality results with plastic often requires the use of specially designed tools. For working with plastics of all kinds, Panel Tools provides a range of CNC tooling that delivers smoother finishes, faster feed rates and longer tool lives thanks to our combination of specialty tool materials and diamond like coatings.

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The Application

  • Corian

  • Compact Laminate

  • Foams

  • Plexiglass


Solid Surface’s such as Corian are a popular alternative to stone for countertops due to its strength and resistance to the elements. It’s density and hardness makes it somewhat abrasive to machine. Fortunately, there is a solution, compact laminate and diamond tooling are a match made in heaven. With the correct parameters, machining Corian does not need to be difficult, and we have a diverse range of solutions to cater for any application.

Find the Tools You Need

Panel Tools supplies a range of CNC tooling and custom solutions designed to push the limits of your equipment and drive the industry forward with innovative processes.


A common sight in the woodworking industry, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines have revolutionised timber manufacturing, and our CNC tooling delivers more processing versatility than ever before.


We supply tooling to suit the manufacturing processes of all woodworking industries, including cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers, furniture makers and more.


Unlocking the potential of your CNC processes means exploring new and varied materials. Our range of CNC tooling can be designed to work with everything from chipboard to composites and more.

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