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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Hinge Boring Bits

The team at Panel Tools supports timber manufacturers throughout Australia by offering specialty hinge boring bits. Our selection of hinge boring bits is sourced from leading suppliers across the world. Featuring high quality solid carbides, our CNC tooling is designed to improve the way you work. We do that by combining innovative cutting geometries with expert advice, allowing us to offer the best tool for every environment.
Panel Tools works with timber manufacturers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and joiners across the country. Whether you are producing bespoke furniture or industrial-scale cabinetry, our hinge boring bits provide greater performance, longer tool life and improved finishes. This allows your operators to push your machines harder than ever before and deliver the products your customers need. You can browse our range of CNC tools online, or get in touch with our team for help selecting a hinge boring bit for your production line.

What is a Hinge Boring Bit?

A hinge boring bit is a specialised CNC tool that is used to bore large-diameter holes for cabinet hinges. Hinge boring bits create cylindrical, flat-bottomed bores that are matched to the size of the hinge hardware that will be installed on the finished product. Using a dedicated tool allows manufacturers to maximise the accuracy of each cut. This improves the fit and finish of cabinets and increases the value of every component.
Panel Tools supplies a range of solid carbide hinge boring bits in both left-hand and right-hand configurations. Our tooling is offered in a number of standard sizes to suit all popular brands of hinge hardware. This greatly simplifies the process of boring and aligning hinge holes, reducing the amount of labour that’s invested into each component.

CNC Hinge Boring Bits for Every Application

The right CNC hinge boring bit can transform your manufacturing process. High quality tooling keeps your production lines moving without compromising the quality of finished components. To ensure we carry tools for every application, Panel Tools can also design and supply custom tooling to suit your exact requirements.
Custom hinge boring bits from Panel Tools are ideal for every production environment. From small-scale furniture shops to large-scale manufacturing, custom tools offer longer life, better finishes and the perfect cut every time. Whatever hinge hardware you choose to work with, our team can specify a custom tooling solution to suit your needs.
You can browse our range of hinge boring bits online at any time. Get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for. We are happy to discuss your needs and help select the best tools for your application.

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