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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Cutterhead Packages

At Panel Tools, our team is committed to providing high quality CNC cutterhead solutions to our clients. Our CNC cutterhead catalogue includes a broad range of tools for common processes, as well as their accompanying turn over knives (TOKs). Produced using the highest quality tooling alloys, a Panel Tools cutterhead is ideal for use in even the most demanding environments. Our team partners with world-class manufacturers to deliver CNC cutterhead solutions for all applications. Whether you are producing furniture, moulded components or shaping custom profiles, we can specify a CNC cutterhead to suit.

Panel Tools is working hard to shape the future of the timber manufacturing industry. Our off-the-shelf range of cutterheads feature robust construction and innovative materials to increase tool lifespan and improve the quality of components. You can browse our CNC cutterhead tools above, or contact the Panel Tools team if you need help crafting a custom cutterhead for your application.

What is a CNC Cutterhead?

A cutterhead is a specialised type of CNC tooling that is used for a broad range of trimming, shaping, jointing, hogging and profiling applications. Most CNC cutterheads feature a durable body made from a metal alloy that accepts removable knives as a cutting bit. While standard CNC tools can be used to perform many similar tasks, Panel Tools’ cutterhead packages can dramatically expand the use of your machinery.

Because cutterheads rely on removable carbide knives rather than integral cutting edges, they can be designed to produce highly intricate profiles and shapes. This increased versatility means Panel Tools can specify a cutterhead for every type of process. From simple square and V-groove shapes to angled cutterheads, ball nose bits, profiled cutterheads and surface planing bits, our cutterheads can transform the way you work. Our cutterhead tools are designed to accept turn over knives. Made from solid carbide, our turn over knives are affordable and easily replaceable, greatly reducing tooling expenses and extending the life of cutterhead bodies.

CNC Cutterhead and Turn Over Knife Packages

The versatility of our CNC cutterhead solutions makes them ideal for most operations. To maximise your tooling investment, it’s important to match cutterhead profiles and cutting geometries to the materials you are working with. With broad use across the industry, Panel Tools can supply cutterheads that are compatible with MDF, plywood, laminated and solid timber products. We have experience crafting tooling for most applications, so we can offer a tailored cutterhead and turn over knife package for every business.

To help drive your business into the future, Panel Tools also offers a custom designed tooling service. Working alongside your team, we can design, specify and supply custom cutterhead tooling for your operation. Our custom tooling process allows us to gain a strong understanding of your business and how our custom cutterhead packages can improve the way you work. Once we know more about your equipment, the process you are designing and the materials you are working with, our design team can craft a custom cutterhead solution. Start a conversation with us about our CNC tools and find out more about our custom cutterheads.

Cutterhead Solutions for Your Application

Our CNC cutterheads and solid carbide turn over knives are compatible with a range of 5 axis tooling and 3 axis CNC manufacturing processes, including planing, hogging and profiling and our extensive catalogue features a profile router bit. Cutterheads that accept reversible and disposable knives are an excellent solution for workshops wanting to maximise the quality and consistency of their finishes. The ability to rotate a disposable knife gives workshops a simple way to maintain their tools, reduce tooling expenses and manage equipment downtime. Panel Tools supplies a variety of common cutterhead profiles and matching turn over knives with straight, radiused, bias and profiled edges that are suitable for most processes and any CNC machine for cabinet making.

We often provide tooling such as a profile router bit and straight router bits for furniture makers, sign makers, cabinet makers and workshops that produce moulded components such as doors and windows. Our existing catalogue of CNC cutterhead solutions and CNC wood cutting tools means we can meet the needs of most clients across Australia. For help selecting cutterheads of CNC tool holders for your operation, contact Panel Tools today.

Our team will be happy to discuss your processes, materials and production needs to specify a CNC cutterhead or boring bits for your factory.

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