Meet your benchmarks for quality and volume with CNC tools for timber furniture making.

CNC Tools for Furniture Making

Producing quality timber furniture becomes much simpler with the help of CNC machinery. Modern workshops can take advantage of major cost and labour savings thanks to the technology, delivering higher quality and greater productivity. With the right tools and processes, workshops can introduce a greater degree of detail and workmanship into their products without slowing manufacturing processes.

Suitable for both high and low volume furniture makers, Panel Tools’ CNC machine tools are ideal for workshops that use solid timber and manufactured board products. We specialise in providing support to high-end furniture makers with custom tool solutions that can make the most of your 3 axis CNC and 5 axis CNC machines. Our range also includes high volume tools that are compatible with products like MDF and chipboard. Innovative designs and coatings mean our tools produce better results, have a longer working life and higher feed rates.

Find CNC Tools That Produce Beautiful Results

The Application

  • Profiling

  • Morticing and Tenoning

  • Jointing

  • Carving


When producing profiles on the CNC there are three main objectives: consistency, efficiency, and a high-quality end-product. Depending on the profile and the capabilities of the machine, Panel Tools can offer tailored solutions in solid carbide, braised tip, replaceable tip and diamond to work towards each of these objectives. A focus for improving the efficiency of profiling operations is to combine and eliminate processes, this can be achieved by doing multiple elements of the profile with a single pass or a single tool. Stacked tooling systems are one example of this.

Find the Tools You Need

Panel Tools supplies a range of tooling for CNC windows and more, as well as custom solutions designed to push the limits of your equipment and drive the industry forward with innovative processes. Find the right timber joinery tool or add to your collection of cabinet making tools for furniture making with us!


A common sight in the woodworking industry, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines have revolutionised timber manufacturing, and our CNC tooling delivers more processing versatility than ever before.


We supply tooling to suit the manufacturing processes of all woodworking industries, including cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers, furniture makers and more.


Unlocking the potential of your CNC processes means exploring new and varied materials. Our range of CNC tooling can be designed to work with everything from chipboard to composites and more.