3 Axis Nesting

Improve production efficiency and component finishes with custom tooling for 3 axis nesting CNC machines.

3 Axis CNC Tooling

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Technology has become a key player in the timber manufacturing industry, and 3 axis nesting CNC machines are a popular solution for workshops of all sizes. Sophisticated software and high precision machinery allows nesting CNC machines to produce more complex components while maximising the yield from every piece of stock.

When matched to the right CNC tooling solutions, 3 axis CNC machines take the hard work out of cutting, routing and shaping timber workpieces. This allows you to improve the consistency and quality of components while reducing the time invested in each piece.

Paired with the optimal CNC tooling solutions, 3 axis CNC machines unlock a range of major benefits for timber manufacturers, including:

  • Optimised cutting paths and operations
  • Improved yield from each piece of stock
  • Precise sizing, cutting and shaping
  • High quality cuts that reduce the need for finishing work
  • Rapid production of components
  • High repeatability across production runs
  • The flexibility to work with other emerging materials

Improve Quality & Performance With Our CNC Tooling Solutions

The Application

  • Nesting

  • Door Profiling

  • Drilling

  • Surfacing

  • Carving

  • Aggregates


Nesting CNC machines have been widely adopted in cabinetry due to their efficiency and accuracy in batch-size-one applications. A key focus for modern manufacturers is achieving the maximum uptime and speed on these machines as they can be the limiting factor on the output of the operation. Advanced machinery have high travel speeds but the interface between the machine and the end product is the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3 axis CNC machine?

A 3 axis CNC machine is a computer controlled machine that operates a router and/or drill head in the X, Y and Z dimensions. In the woodworking industry, 3 axis CNC machines are popular for manufacturing components from sheets of raw material, such as chipboard, plywood and MDF.

What is a CNC nesting machine?

A nesting machine is a type of 3 axis CNC designed for cutting, routing, milling and shaping flat panel stock.

What is the purpose of nesting?

When working with sheets of raw material, nesting is used to align cuts and components closely together and use as much of the raw material as possible.

Does nesting reduce waste?

CNC nesting machines use computer controllers to lay out the cutting pattern and use as much of the material as possible, significantly reducing waste.

How does nesting improve productivity?

Compared to traditional machinery, nesting CNC machines improve the speed, accuracy and repeatability of processes. Allowing controllers to determine their own cutting paths also reduces the need for human input, delivers higher yields from raw materials and improves the scalability of manufacturing processes.

Find the Tools You Need

Panel Tools supplies a range of CNC tooling, such as manufactured boards as well as custom solutions designed to push the limits of your equipment and drive the industry forward with innovative processes.


A common sight in the woodworking industry, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines have revolutionised timber manufacturing, and our CNC tooling delivers more processing versatility than ever before.


We supply tooling to suit the manufacturing processes of all woodworking industries, including cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers, furniture makers and more.


Unlocking the potential of your CNC processes means exploring new and varied materials. Our range of CNC tooling can be designed to work with everything from chipboard to composites and more.

Custom CNC Woodworking Tooling

Panel Tools focuses on supplying custom CNC tooling to the timber manufacturing industry. We work with customers of all sizes, designing bespoke router bits, tool holders and cutters that perform the exact processes you need. Matched to high quality custom tooling, 3 axis nesting CNC machines have the potential to power even the most complex manufacturing processes.

We work closely with each of our clients to design tailor made CNC tooling that delivers the efficiencies you need. Whether you need profiling tools for carving custom shapes or router bits that allow you to push your machines to the limit, our engineers can design suitable CNC tooling. Produced from the highest quality materials and featuring Panel Tools’ high performance coatings, the custom CNC tooling we develop is designed to drive the industry forward and shape the future of your business, whether you are looking for a CNC door machine or furniture making tools.

Tooling Solutions for 3 Axis CNC Machines

Panel Tools supplies a wide range of tools to suit all 3 axis nesting CNC machines. Our range includes CNC routers bits, cutters and tooling that helps businesses realise the full potential of their machinery. We always choose to partner with suppliers who share our vision for crafting CNC tooling to the highest standards of quality and safety. With their support we are able to supply a variety of innovative products that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your CNC equipment and form part of your collection of cabinet making tools.

Our CNC tooling and custom solutions are ideal for joiners, kitchen and cabinet makers, shopfitters, sign makers and flat panel production. By designing tooling solutions that meet your exact needs, Panel Tools is able to help expand your manufacturing capacity and craft quality results your customers will love. When designing tooling solutions, we consider your needs, equipment and the materials you are working with. Operating as an extension of your production means our CNC tooling solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy, efficiency and tool life, no matter the application.

Investing in the correct tooling for your 3 axis CNC machines allows your business to unlock the full potential of its equipment. Panel Tools strives to help each of our clients achieve greater efficiencies and advance their timber production processes, now and into the future. We work with all joiners, sign makers, furniture makers and flat panel timber manufacturers across Australia. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more and begin designing the custom CNC tooling you need.

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