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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Wood Cutting Tools

The team at Panel Tools specialises in supplying CNC tools for processing timber, aluminium, acrylic and other soft materials. As a team that is deeply involved with timber manufacturing, we strive to provide cutting edge CNC wood cutting tools that drive our industry forwards. To achieve that, we work with world class manufacturers to design and supply tools and CNC tool holders for every environment. Whether you are operating a small-scale joinery or an industrial-grade sawmill, Panel Tools provides CNC wood tools and bits for CNC router machines that streamline production, reduce waste and deliver greater consistency.

Our goal is to remain at the forefront of our industry and advance CNC manufacturing in Australia. We take great pride in shaping the future of our industry, and our CNC wood tools reflect our commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency. Panel Tools can specify CNC tooling to suit any operation with a catalogue featuring:

You can browse our selection above at any time, or contact us if you need help selecting the right CNC wood tools for your operation.

CNC Wood Tools for Timber Manufacturers

Delivering unmatched consistency and efficiency, 3 and 5 axis tooling CNC machines greatly reduce the labour involved in each component. Achieving those results means working with high quality CNC wood tools such as router collets and panel saw blades that are matched to your requirements. To ensure our CNC tools deliver the outcomes you need, Panel Tools works closely with each of our suppliers to design tooling that meets our exacting quality standards.

With a focus on quality materials and innovative cutting geometries such as bits for CNC router, our CNC wood tools provide extended tool life, greater operational efficiencies and improved component finishes. Put together, these factors reduce cost, increase uptime and ensure your equipment is always working at full capacity. Depending on your needs and equipment, Panel Tools can specify CNC wood tools for a broad range of applications. We support clients across Australia, including furniture makers, joiners, cabinet makers, sign makers and more. No matter the application, our innovative CNC wood tools can unlock the true potential of your equipment.

CNC Wood Tools for Every Application

Getting more from your CNC equipment means matching tooling to the application. Using the right CNC wood tools can dramatically improve the outcome of manufacturing and reduce the need for further finishing and processing. To improve finishes and tool life, Panel Tools provides a range of CNC wood tools to suit all solid timber, engineered wood and soft material applications. Depending on your needs, we can provide CNC wood tools that are compatible with solid timber, MDF, chipboard, plywood, glulam panels, aluminium and more.

For operators that work with engineered panels such as chipboard, choosing the right CNC wood tools can have a major impact on the quality and consistency of components. Panel Tools supports the CNC cladding and flat panel manufacturing industry by providing a range of CNC wood tools that are designed for purpose. Featuring innovative cutting geometries and our proprietary Xtreme Blue coating, our CNC wood tools deliver greater results in every material. For any process you have in mind, Panel Tools can offer complete CNC tooling packages that match the needs of your machinery, operation and materials.

Our CNC tooling packages include everything you need to deliver outstanding results, and we are also equipped to develop custom CNC wood tools for your operation. Talk to us to find out more about custom CNC tooling packages for your application.

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