Panel Tools is proud to announce the release of Turbo, our next generation of compression cutters for all nesting CNC timber work. With the help of our manufacturing partners from across the world, we are investing in the future of CNC technology by developing improved tooling solutions. The Turbo series of compression cutters are designed to help carry our industry into the future and unlock the potential of our clients’ CNC equipment.

Turbo Compression Cutters
The success of the Turbo lies in its unique compression cutter geometry. Turbo has been designed from the ground up to be as efficient and long-lasting as possible. Standard compression cutters create clean edges on both top and bottom faces of a workpiece by forcing waste material into the centre of the cut. While this creates clean cuts, waste material and chips often become trapped, creating heat and putting pressure on the cutting tool.
Panel Tools’ Turbo compression cutters minimise this issue by introducing innovative geometry. The Turbo’s segmented cutting edge provides a clear exit path for waste material. This not only assists with dust extraction and controlling heat build-up, it shortens chip length, resulting in reduced noise and cutting force. Thanks to the quality of the tool and its unique geometry, Turbo compression bits create perfect cuts when machining chipboard, MDF, plywood and high pressure laminate.

Features of Turbo Compression Cutters
Turbo compression bits are effective thanks to their segmented cutting edge. To account for the difference compared to standard compression cutters, Turbo bits have additional flutes. Traditional 2+2 compression cutters become a 2+4 Turbo cutter with two up cut and four down cut flutes. This increases the total cutting surface area by approximately 40%. Similarly, 3+3 compression cutters become 3+6 Turbo cutters with six down cut flutes.
Complementing the improved geometry, Turbo compression bits are produced from the same titanium carbide rods as many of our other CNC tooling options. Compared to tungsten carbide, titanium carbide is more resistant to brittle failure and less likely to break due to vibration or tool flex. Completing our Turbo range is our Xtreme Blue coating technology. Xtreme Blue uses a proprietary nano-coating that has been proven to improve tool life by more than 50%. The coating does this by increasing surface hardness, improving heat resistance and reducing cutting friction.

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Featuring innovative cutting geometry, titanium carbide construction and Xtreme Blue coatings, Panel Tools’ range of Turbo compression cutters are the most advanced solution on the market. Turbo answers the call for a faster, longer-lasting compression cutter. With the ability to yield 50% longer run times at speeds of up to 40 metres per minute, the Turbo has the potential to power the future of all timber CNC processing. If you would like to keep up with a changing industry, Turbo-charge your operation with Panel Tools’ latest compression cutter technology.

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