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Ball Nose Tools for Carving

Carving or contouring is a common application for prototyping or contract machining where the design of the component is subject to change and/or highly complex. When you cannot justify an investment in a specific profiling tool, ball nose tools and variations thereof may be used to produce almost any shape. 

Ball nose cutters are perfect for contouring because the cutting edge is working tangentially to the materials surface at all times (see image below). 

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Variations of Ball Nose Cutters - Consider Step Over Size

Carving with ball nose tools can be extremely time consuming, there are dozens of options which can be investigated to achieve the detail, finish quality and time frame required.

A contributing factor to the time frame is the step over size used. A larger step over size increases the speed of a program, but it does so at the cost of the cut quality. One way to increase step over size without compromising on quality is to also increase the radius of the ball nose cutter.

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