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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Router Collets

Working alongside world-class tooling manufacturers, Panel Tools is proud to offer a selection of high quality CNC router collets to our Australian customers. Our CNC router collets are produced in high-grade tooling steels, making them suitable for a wide range of precision applications. Suitable for customers from small scale joiners to large scale timber manufacturers, our CNC collets are the best way to increase tool life and improve the consistency of finished components. Whatever the application, Panel Tools will work with you to specify precision CNC router collets suitable for the most demanding production environments.

The Panel Tools team has extensive experience in maximising your equipment. Our CNC router collets are a consumable item designed with precision work in mind. Each CNC collet features a robust design that reduces runout and minimises the risk of tool breakage. If you rely on your tooling to deliver precision results every time, browse the Panel Tools range of CNC router collets above. You are also welcome to contact us if you need help selecting the right tooling for your application.

What is a CNC Collet?

Modern 3 and 5-axis CNC machines rely on precision tooling and sophisticated software to deliver the consistency and quality you expect. A variety of tool holders can be used to achieve those results, with CNC collets and chucks being the two most common varieties. A classic 3-jaw chuck is suitable for most high volume applications. Common chucks are typically paired with large-diameter cutting tools and used to produce larger, less precise components. For producing small parts, CNC router collets offer improved tool holding capabilities. Precision CNC router collets are a consumable item that reduce runout and extend the life of cutting tools. To ensure the quality and consistency of final components, CNC router collets should be replaced every 400 to 600 run hours.

Making the most of your Panel Tools CNC router collets means matching the tooling to your application. Our high precision CNC collets are compatible with a range of 3/8 and 15/32 router bits. With increased stability and holding power, our CNC collets can secure tooling at speeds of up to 24,000RPM, making them ideal for shaping, profiling, carving, cutting and sizing work. In most cases, we specify CNC router collets for solid timber joinery, but the Panel Tools team can design a tooling pack that meets the needs of any industry.

Precision CNC Router Collets for Your Application

CNC router collets are found throughout the timber manufacturing industry. The additional versatility and holding power of our CNC collets makes them suitable for all types of processing work. While our tool holders are often used by joiners working with solid timber, we can also supply CNC router collets to suit all types of furniture making, cabinet making, sign making and other applications. For processes requiring high quality tooling that can stand up to your production requirements, Panel Tools can supply CNC router collets to match.

CNC router collets are a versatile solution that can be paired with a range of cutting and shaping tools. To ensure the quality of finishes, CNC collets are designed to work with certain shank diameters. Some CNC router collets are designed for specific tooling sizes, while others such as our ER40 collet are compatible with a range of tooling sizes. To achieve the best results, it’s recommended that you speak to the Panel Tools team about your application. We can provide advice and supply CNC router collets that match your tooling, materials and production requirements. Talk to us today to find out more about high precision CNC router collets for your production lines.

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