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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Upcut Router Bit

Panel Tools is helping shape the future of the timber industry by offering a CNC upcut router bit for every application. We aim to provide tooling that allows our Australian clients to unlock the potential of their equipment and produce higher quality components than ever before. To achieve that, we partner with leading manufacturers to produce an upcut bit for every production requirement. With broad applications throughout the industry, Panel Tools can supply the right CNC upcut router bit to suit joiners, furniture and cabinet makers, sign makers and factories producing moulded timber components.

Similar to our downcut router bits, each upcut bit carried by Panel Tools has been designed to meet our stringent quality standards. We use a range of innovative tooling materials and coatings that allow our upcut bits to perform better for longer, improving the quality of products and reducing the need for hand-finishing work. To unlock the potential of your CNC machines, talk to Panel Tools about selecting a CNC upcut router bit from our range.

What is an Upcut Router Bit?

The main feature of an upcut router bit is the upwards cutting spiral. The upwards direction of the flutes creates a cutting action that runs from the bottom of the workpiece to the top, leaving a perfect finish on the bottom surface of the material. Among the most versatile CNC tools, an upcut router bit can be used for all sorts of sizing, cutting, carving, grooving, pocketing and profiling applications. While the upwards cutting spiral means that an upcut router bit can create additional tearout on the top face of the workpiece, this is simple to account for.

The Panel Tools team offers a wide range of upcut router bits, and we can help select tooling that matches your materials, products and application. A CNC upcut router bit from our range is ideal for processing solid timber, hardwood, plywood, engineered timber panels and other harder materials. Because the flutes of an upcut router bit can create tearout on the top face of a workpiece, Panel Tools doesn’t recommend using them for processing soft materials such as MDF and chipboard. Contact the Panel Tools team for more information or if you need help selecting a CNC upcut router bit that matches your requirements.

Panel Tools Carries a CNC Upcut Bit for Every Application

CNC upcut router bits are some of the most common and versatile CNC tooling. Suitable for use with a range of materials, Panel Tools can specify an upcut bit to suit most production environments. Our focus is on providing tooling that improves efficiency and product quality while also extending the life of tools. We offer a selection of upcut router bits produced from innovative tooling steels and tough carbides. Along with our Xtreme Blue nano coating, that means an upcut router bit from our catalogue will perform better and maintain sharp cutting edges long after comparable tooling.

Panel Tools supplies a selection of 1-wing, 2-wing and 3-wing upcut bits. Our range includes both roughing and finishing options, and we can also specify tooling for softer materials such as foam and acrylic. For greater consistency, higher feed rates and longer tool life, contact Panel Tools and ask us about CNC router bits for your application. We are more than happy to work with you on selecting the tooling your operation needs.

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