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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Straight Router Bits

Panel Tools offers a selection of CNC straight router bits to the timber manufacturing industry. Featuring tough materials and high performance coatings, our straight router bits are ideal for manufacturing all types of solid timber, plywood, chipboard and soft materials such as aluminium and plastic. Whether you operate a small-scale joinery or an industrial-scale cabinet making business, a straight router bit solution from Panel Tools can maximise your business.

The team at Panel Tools focuses on providing solutions that allow you to increase uptime, reduce tooling expenses and improve the quality of your products. We continuously invest in new technologies, giving you access to leading tools from across the world. Our straight router bits are available in a range of geometries to suit any application you have in mind. From 2 and 3-flute bits to flush trim and rebating routers, Panel Tools can supply CNC tools that suits your needs. Talk to us today to find out more or for help selecting straight router bits for your business.

Flush Trim and Straight Router Bit Solutions

Straight router bits are a staple in CNC machining applications. As the name suggests, straight router bits feature straight flutes that perform more of a chopping motion than spiral bits. While spiral bits typically produce a cleaner cut, straight bits are much more affordable, and they offer several distinct benefits. Straight router bits:

  • Are available in much larger diameters than spiral bits
  • Are available with roller guide bearings for template cutting
  • Are highly economical
  • Can typically be resharpened to restore the cutting edge
  • Are suited to cutting dados and rebates

The key advantage of a straight router bit is the variety of sizes. Spiral cutters are typically limited by the diameter of the shank. Straight router bits can be produced in much larger diameters, making them more effective for producing large rebates and dados.

Straight Router Bits for Every Application

Panel Tools sources high quality straight router bits from manufacturing partners across the world. We are committed to supplying innovative tooling solutions that help shape the future of the timber manufacturing industry. To achieve that goal, we carry a broad range of CNC router bits that are suitable for everything from bespoke joinery to industrial-scale production environments.

Our range of CNC straight router bits is suitable for use with solid timber, plywood, chipboard, MDF and much more. In addition to our off-the-shelf range of CNC straight router bits, Panel Tools can also produce custom tooling packs. Our custom tooling packages are designed to meet your exact specifications, whether you need upcut, downcut or TCT router bits. Whether you are commissioning a new process, developing new products or looking to push your equipment further, custom straight router bits can help achieve the results you have in mind. Contact us today to find out more about straight router bits and custom tooling packages from Panel Tools.

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