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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Workhorse TCT Router Bits at Panel Tools

High performance Tungsten Carbide (TCT) router bits are the workhorse of the CNC industry. Suitable for shaping, carving and milling all types of timber, TCT router bits are some of our most popular tooling solutions. To ensure we deliver the quality tools your operation needs, Panel Tools partners with leading suppliers from across the world. That allows us to deliver future-focused CNC tooling that can transform the way you work.

Our range of TCT router bits includes all common geometries, such as:

  • Straight cut bits
  • Rebating bits
  • V-groove bits
  • Flush trim bits
  • Roundover bits

Our router bits deliver greater performance when carving, cutting, sizing and finishing workpieces. Produced in solid carbide, these router bits hold an edge for longer, and they can operate at much higher RPM than alternatives. This not only prolongs tool life, it delivers higher quality finishes and allows operators to maximise the efficiency of every process.


We Design Custom TCT Router Bits for Every Application

TCT router bits are some of the most useful tools in CNC operations. Designed to carry out a wide variety of general cutting and shaping tasks, these router bits form the backbone of most operations. To ensure we are supplying the tooling you need, Panel Tools provides an extensive range of off-the-shelf options, but we are also equipped to design custom TCT router bits.

Our custom tooling design service means we can support any process you have in mind. If you are designing a new product, updating a production line or need custom tooling to resolve a manufacturing bottleneck, our team can help. Throughout the process we’ll work closely with you to assess your requirements and develop TCT router bits that deliver the performance, quality and finish you need.

Whether you need tooling for cabinet making, furniture making, carving profiles or creating bespoke timber pieces, Panel Tools has a solution. You are welcome to browse our TCT router bits online at any time, or contact us to find out more about our custom tooling service.

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