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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

CNC Profile Router Bit

The team at Panel Tools works with leading manufacturers to supply CNC profile router bits to clients across the country. Produced in hard-wearing tool steels and tough carbides, our profile router bit selection is designed to move the timber manufacturing industry forwards. Our profile router bits are suitable for use in furniture making, cabinet making, sign making, joinery and much more. As some of our most versatile tools, a profile router bit can support any process you have in mind, maximise uptime and improve the quality of your products.

Profile router bits from Panel Tools are a staple in every CNC application. With tough materials, innovative coatings and decades of development behind our products, Panel Tools can supply a solution that helps you make the most of your equipment. You can select a profile router bit above, or view our range on straight router bits, upcut router bits or downcut router bits.

What are Profile Router Bits?

Profile router bits are used to shape the edges of timber, such as by adding a bevel, radiusing the edge or creating a moulded finish. In some cases, a profile router bit can also be used to cut grooves or carve shapes that add detail to the finished workpiece. Unlike spiral router bits that can be used to perform a variety of processes, profile router bits are typically limited to creating specific profiles during the finishing process. This not only adds detail to components, it allows operators to refine their products and remove imperfections created during roughing work.
Panel Tools supplies a broad variety of CNC profile router bits to clients across Australia. Our range includes standard profiles, such as round and radius bits, half round and quarter round bits, as well as ball nose and V-groove bits. This selection can perform the majority of profiling applications, allowing you to cut grooves, finish edges and increase the value of every process.

Profile Router Bit Solutions for Every Application

Panel Tools is committed to providing tooling solutions that allow our clients to push their machines further than ever. With access to leading solutions from manufacturing partners across the world, Panel Tools can provide a profile router bit for every application. Whether you need an off-the-shelf round, bevelled or grooving bit, or a custom profile for bespoke joinery, Panel Tools can supply the tooling you need.
In addition to the profile router bit solutions above, Panel Tools is also equipped to develop custom tool packages. A custom profile router bit can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, allowing you to cut grooves and profiles of any shape. If you are developing new products, designing a new process or simply looking to improve the performance of your CNC tools, our custom tooling packages are the ideal solution. Contact Panel Tools to find out more or to begin designing your custom profile router bit package today.

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