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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Downcut Router Bit

Panel Tools provides the right CNC downcut router bits to clients across Australia. Partnering with world-class manufacturers, we design and supply downcut bits to suit most applications. Panels Tools’ range of downcut router bits is the ideal complement to small-scale and large-scale production environments. From furniture and sign makers to solid timber joiners, cabinet makers, flat panel manufacturing and more, our downcut router bits can keep up the most demanding production requirements.

Every downcut bit supplied by the Panel Tools team is designed to provide the highest quality results. Through a mix of innovative cutting geometries and leading materials, we are able to create downcut bits that are shaping the future of the CNC timber industry. Select from our range of CNC downcut router bits above, or contact us for advice about choosing the right tools for your application.

What is a Downcut Router Bit?

Downcut router bits feature a downward spiral that creates a cutting action from the top to the bottom of the workpiece. The cutting flutes on a downcut bit create a clean finish on the top surface of the material, making them ideal for a range of sizing, grooving and pocketing applications. The tradeoff with CNC downcut bits is that the bottom face of the material is often left with fraying or tearout. Additionally, downcut bits eject chips towards the bottom of the workpiece, which can create extra friction and heat build up if the chips are not managed correctly.

Panel Tools supplies a variety of CNC downcut router bits to ensure you have the best tooling for the materials you are working with. Our downcut bits are compatible with a range of soft and hardwood timbers, as well as with materials such as MDF, plywood, chipboard, acrylic and aluminium. To produce quality results and minimise the need for finishing, downcut bits must be paired with suitable materials and processes. Talk to the Panel Tools team if you need help selecting the right CNC downcut router bits for your application.

Downcut Bits for Your Production Application

Downcut router bits are some of the most versatile CNC tooling. Suitable for cutting, sizing, grooving, pocketing, milling and more, downcut bits are a staple in many CNC production lines. Panel Tools partners with world-class manufacturers to offer CNC downcut bits to suit most applications. We carry a selection of 1, 2 and 3 wing cutters, meaning our downcut bits are compatible with a broad range of materials and applications. Each style of CNC downcut bit is designed with different uses in mind:

  • 1-wing Downcut Bits. Highly versatile and suitable for most materials, 1-wing cutters allow for steep cutting angles and are very effective at managing chips and heat buildup, even at small cutting diameters.
  • 2-wing Downcut Bits. Ideal for MDF and plywood, 2-wing downcut bits create high quality finishes while allowing for greater feed rates.
  • 3-wing Downcut Bits. Suitable for demanding production applications, 3-wing downcut bits allow for the greatest feed rates and are ideal for use with engineered products such as chipboard.

Panel Tools supplies a variety of roughing, finishing and general-purpose downcut router bits. Produced using high quality tool steels and tough titanium carbides, our downcut bits stay sharp for longer, improve consistency and promote greater feed rates. Together with our cutting edge Xtreme Blue coating, Panel Tools’ range of downcut router bits are suitable for unlocking the potential of CNC router bits in every production environment.

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