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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Compression Router Bit

Panel Tools works with leading manufacturers across the world to supply high quality compression router bits to the Australian market. Our range of CNC compression cutters are suitable for a variety of applications. With options available in tooling-grade steel, titanium and carbide, Panel Tools’ compression router bits are ideal for use in both small and large-scale production environments. Whether you are a bespoke joinery creating one-off pieces or a timber manufacturer with demanding production lines, our CNC router bits will fit any job.

The team at Panel Tools takes great pride in shaping the future of the timber industry. The CNC compression bits we design feature innovative materials, geometries and coatings that allow our tools to deliver quality and consistency you can rely on. You can choose from our range of CNC compression cutters above, or contact us if you need help selecting the right tooling for your production line.

What is a compression router bit?

A compression router bit is a tool that combines both up-cut and down-cut spirals into a single bit. The combination of the two cutting geometries forces chips into the centre of the panel. This reduces chipping on the top and bottom surfaces of the workpiece, stabilises the tool, reduces the build up of heat and delivers higher quality finishes. Compared to other bits that rely on up-cut or down-cut spirals alone, compression cutters create a superior finish when used for sizing, milling, rebating and grooving work.

To get the most out of a CNC compression cutter you will need to select the tool that matches the material you are working with. In most cases, compression cutters are designed for use with flat panel timber products such as plywood, MDF and chipboard. When used with these materials, CNC compression cutters allow you to produce high quality products and components while minimising the need for time-consuming hand finishing work.

CNC compression bits for all applications

The combination of up-cut and down-cut spirals makes our CNC compression cutters the ideal tool for a range of applications. Typically used to process MDF, chipboard, plywood and other flat panel timber products, Panel Tools can supply CNC compression cutters perfectly suited to your production requirements. We work with a variety of clients across Australia, including cabinet makers, signmakers, joiners, and furniture makers, no matter if they need downcut router bits, upcut router bits, or straight router bits.

To meet the needs of our clients, we design tooling that focuses on delivering the results you need. We carry a selection of both 2 wing and 3 wing compression cutters made using a variety of premium tooling materials and coatings. The combination of tough titanium carbide and our Xtreme Blue coating means our CNC compression cutters deliver unrivalled cutting, milling and grooving performance. Correctly managing chip flow and the build up of heat allows our tools to stay sharp for longer, enable higher tool speeds and feed rates, and optimise your production lines. For all roughing, milling and finishing work, Panel Tools can supply CNC tools to suit your production environment.

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