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Panel Tools have a wide variety of custom tooling designs available to help you tackle those big jobs.

Our CNC Grooving Tool Catalogue

Panel Tools works with manufacturers across the world to provide our CNC grooving tool catalogue to Australian timber manufacturers. A CNC grooving tool from our range is the most efficient solution for cutting grooves, slots and rebates. Featuring adjustable cutting widths, replaceable knives and precision manufacturing, our CNC grooving tool can revolutionise the way you work. Delivering unmatched accuracy for precise cuts in plywood, MDF, chipboard and solid timber, our CNC grooving tool can significantly expand your production capabilities.

We work with clients throughout the timber industry, including furniture and cabinet makers, flat panel manufacturers and more. For businesses that work with solid wood or engineered timber panels, a dedicated CNC grooving tool can make all the difference to your production capacity. As the most efficient tooling for the task, Panel Tools can provide CNC grooving tools that match your equipment, materials and production processes. To find out more you can browse our range above, or contact us for help selecting a CNC grooving tool for your application.

What is a CNC Grooving Tool?

A CNC grooving tool is a dedicated solution for cutting rebates and grooves into a workpiece. In most cases, a CNC grooving tool will be used to create a square-bottomed groove. While this type of process can be performed with tools such as router bits and mills, a CNC grooving tool will provide greater consistency for repeated cuts. The major benefit of choosing a CNC grooving tool over other cutters is the adjustability. Panel Tools provides adjustable CNC grooving tools that use shims to increase the cutting width. This means a single tool can be used to produce grooves in a variety of widths and depths.

CNC grooving tools are available in a variety of configurations. To provide the longest tool life and increase the versatility of our tooling, Panel Tools supplies CNC grooving tools that feature replaceable knives. Replaceable knives are not only an economical solution, they make it simple to maintain the quality of components and create grooves with clean entry, exit and bottom faces. A CNC grooving tool supplied by our team is suitable for use in a range of environments. CNC grooving tools are commonly used in furniture and cabinet making, but they are also suitable for solid timber manufacturing, flat panel production and more.

Our Adjustable CNC Grooving Tool Range

An adjustable CNC grooving tool can transform the way you work. Designed specifically for cutting grooves, rebates and slots, a CNC grooving tool delivers cleaner cuts and reduces the need for hand finishing. For cabinet and furniture makers that use grooves extensively, adjustable CNC grooving tools allow you to expand the use of your CNC equipment. Ultimately, a quality CNC grooving tool improves the quality of your products and reduces wear on tooling that’s less suitable for the application.

Our adjustable CNC grooving tool catalogue includes products sourced from leading manufacturers across the world. Panel Tools is committed to driving the timber manufacturing industry forwards. To do that, we work hard to innovate and design tooling that allows our clients to unlock new efficiencies and advance their production standards. Our adjustable CNC grooving tool represents years of design refinements, allowing our clients to extend tool life, increase product quality and improve efficiencies in every production environment.

Contact us for help selecting the right CNC grooving tool for your application – the Panel Tools team is always ready to help.

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